Friends and partners


Zauberer Magic Pierre (Pierre Greiner, my father and an excellenct magician)


Hochzeits DJ Benz (experienced DJ for your wedding with great equipment and music for any taste)


Hochzeit DJ Whiteside Roland Wyss (booked internationally House-DJ, who can also pimp up your wedding party with his hot beats)


Swingin Sponge (great Swing and Jazz from Lucerne)


Umberto Mariano Photography (highly professionell photographer with state-of-the-art technology)


Freie Zeremonien mit Edi Baumann (steady Edi, the man with life experience for all marriages far from the clergy)


Freie Zeremonie mit Gabriela Rub (very individual, personal, secular and smart weddings)


Traumich Hochzeitszeremonien (wonderful, secular ceremonies with Mike Bucher and his team)


Freier Redner Daniel Kiefer or Mein Hochzeitsredner Daniel Kiefer (unforgettable, spirutal ceremonies)


Hochzeitsfotografin Céline Weyermann (great phtographer with the good eye for the right moment) 


Brautfashion (the perfect dress, the perfect fitting suit for the great day)


Vocabular (from Commedian Harmonists to Duke Ellington, from Barber Shop to charts, peppered with their own songs, a acapella as its best for any occasion)


Hotel Montana Luzern (the place surrounded by music)


Alma Cilurzo (Alma Cilurzo, my musical mate and an excellent singer/Jazz maniac/songwriter)


Bistro Bauernhof Rotkreuz (just a nice place, great wine)


Lakeside Studios (the studio where I've recorded my CD)


Bluesintwos (Ro Lee Sommer & Mark Zingg, ten strings, two men, three chords, but damn right, they've got the Blues)


Ro Lee Sommer (Ro Lee Sommer, six strings, one men, still three chords, but damn right, he got the Blues alone as well)


Fahrschule Alain Glanzmann (baby you can drive my car and beat my drum)


Advokatur Josef Wicki (Dr. iur Josef Wicki, if you need some legal support)


Pokeracademy (general manager Claudia Chinello, organizes unforgettable poker tournaments for different occasions)


Sibylle Briner (classical trained Pianist, who sings as well and has no fear of contact to Balance between classical and entertaining Music)



Hochzeit Sänger Patrick Greiner auf Youtube