Thereby I can make you a binding offer, it is very important to have several information:


- Date of your great day

- Place of occasion

- Already available equipment (Piano, electric instruments, vocal facility etc.)

- Name of your favourite songs, which are on my list (as much as you want)

- Name of your favourite songs, which are not on my setlist (maximal 2, and notice at least 3 months in advance)



As soon as I have these information, I can make you a blanket offer, which includes all cost, so for


- Meeting with you and discussion about your favourite songs and individual needs

- Live auditory analyis of my singing and piano playing

- Rehearse of your song

- Arrangement with the pastor (only for weddings)

- Transportation and installation of the piano and the music equipment

- Uninstalling of all devices

- Expenses for the approach and the time for that


But first of all please take an auditory analysis and take a look at my repertoire (all songs and one especially for weddings, which are of course just popular proposals) or let's be convinced by some inscriptions of contented clients in my guest book.


Based on my experience I could also give you advise for the rest of planning your big day, for example, concerning suitable location, maid manager, catering services, flower arrangement etc.


For any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm looking forward to hear from you!

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